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LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen!

Brian shows off the iconic LAMY 2000!

LAMY 2000

Andrew Camacho : I've had my Lamy 2000 (medium nib) for a few years. It is smooth, consistent and reliable. I've never had to take it apart for cleaning as I use conventional fountain pen ink without shimmer. I am considering getting another one with a broad nib.
Vergilius : I had some issues with my normal grip. After this video i started to not grip the metallic part and hold similar to this video. Now i can see why this is considered as a must have pen. Very smooth and very juicy:) thanks for the tips
Theresa Robertson : Thank you for your review of the Lamy 2000. This has been a grail pen for me but I've hesitated because of the "sweet spot" concerns. I think this is going on my Christmas List 2020.
Jeff Schwartz : Mine is a fine. It is, without exception, my favorite fountain pen ever. It is my everyday, and sometimes my all day long writer and it has never once skipped a beat. I uncap it and it just writes - first time, every time. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely! I'd also say that the Lamy 2000 fine writes more like a medium/fine for me. I use Pilot Namiki Blue Black ink, which is a wettish ink, and I love pairing it with this pen. Full disclosure: I have no connection to Lamy nor do I have one to Anderson Pens. I just love this amazing fountain pen.
Lori Bauer : l LOVE my Lamy 2000s. I have the medium and extra fine and love them both. I have never had any issues writing with either one. The feel in hand is perfect and the build quality is superb! Thanks for the video because sadly many are turned away from this iconic pen.

Lamy 2000 Review

A review of the Lamy 2000 fountain pen.
Ashley Robinson : I'm new to fountain pens and I had no idea this pen design was 50 years old! I thought it was made maybe a few years ago, that's amazing.
Do you have a video showing your entire pen collection? I saw glimpses in your Q&A, but I'd love a more detailed video maybe by brand or price range. Thanks!
LarinaValarin : I have to say that the ink window is so subtle that for the longest time I didn't know it had one and thus wasn't interested. Since I learned it has one, I have been getting more interested. I'm actually rather surprised that it's so light, I would have expected it to be much heavier. And I'm glad to see it's similar in dimensions to the Studio, which I adore. I am a bit worried about the sweet spot, since I've noticed a tendency to roll my pens a bit. I will have to test this pen in person some time I think.

Thank you for the great review!

Oh and btw, "Braun" is pronounced more like "brown" (which is the translation) or maybe "broun" (think noun with br at the beginning) rather than "brawn" :)
13noman1 : In what is likely a testament to its timeless Bauhaus design, at least one of my two has been inked and active in rotation since I first got it, oh must be over 10 years ago. I like the feel, the weight and the overall size (though a little small for my hand). In my experience, there are two small flaws in the 2000. First, is the small sweet spot (magnified in my EF nib) and the second is the posting. While initially secure, the cap loosens in my hand as I write and threatens to topple off after a few minutes of writing.
Graham : I don't have one of these - maybe one day - but this makes for an interesting comparison with the much cheaper Kaco Edge, of which I own two. I can immediately tell which is the better pen. The Edge is texturally and aesthetically pleasing but once I put it to paper, it doesn't stand out from the crowd. The sweet-spot discussion is interesting. I write with both hands and that would mean a pen which is so fussy and precise could become a bit of a chore. I could probably use my many Safaris with my foot or dangled from a piece of string and they would still write flawlessly.
Dwight Jurling : Thanks for an excellent review. My 2K is a frequent carry when I want to go upscale. It was my first higher-end pen and remains a favorite. It's inked right now!

[ENG SUB] 가성비 좋은 만년필, 라미2000 블랙 마크롤론14k(Lamy2000 Black Makrolon Fountain Pen) EF촉 리뷰

화려한 외관의 만년필도 좋지만
이렇게 깔끔 심플한 만년필도 예쁘네요

The colorful design is good,
but such a neat and simple design is also good.
다빈 : 라미2000 F닙 쓰고 있는데, 누가 라미2000 구입한다면 코코노리님 리뷰를 추천해 주고 싶을 정도로 좋은 영상인거 같아요. 도움 될 만한 내용이 많은거 같아요.
저도 라미 2000을 좋아하는데요. 버터필감에 편리한 푸시캡 방식, 모던하면서 심플한 디자인이 매력적인거 같아요. 그리고 바디재질이 기스 강한것도 좋고요.
Dash Snl : The way you filled with syringe is very risky. That way you can easily drop that O-ring at the section. Once you loose that ring, you can't cap the pen.
Piston is the best way to fill. It's also advised not to open the section of this pen unless it is required for cleaning purposes. Thank you.
A great pen indeed.
문구대장정 : 라미 만년필 중에 가장 핫하다는 라미 2000 이군요 ㅎ
심플한 디자인이 너무 좋죠
캡을 닫을 때 독특한 감촉도 좋구요 ㅎㅎ
P.P. : 안녕하세요, 처음 시청하는데요 필기구 잡으시는 방식이 저랑 똑같으셔서 반갑습니다. 제가 필기구를 세워서 끄는 편이라 피스톤충전 방식이면서도 무게 중심이 낮은(앞쪽이 무거운) 만년필을 찾다가 그 유명한 라미2000을 이제와서 사봤어요! 앞쪽만 금속인 디자인보고 혹시나하는 맘에 산건데 원했던대로 현저한 저중심이더라구요. 심지어 펜촉의 스위트 스팟도 의외로 일반적인 만년필보다 세웠을 때 나타나네요. 라미 사파리의 그립 가이드보면 (제 습관보단) 상당히 눕혀쓰는 걸 전제로 설계된 것 같았기에 꽤 놀랐습니다. 물론 라미2000자체의 무게중심 생각한다면 필연이겠지만요.
Ki Jong Lee : 안녕하세요~~! 리뷰 정말 잘 보고 있어요. 사실 비교 대상은 아니지만 펠리칸 m800과 라미 2000을 비교해 볼때, 좀 글쓰기를 앉은 자리에서 오래 해야 하면 둘중 어떤 펜이 더 나을까요? 가성비 생각하면 라미2000이겠지만 아무래도 손의 피로도나 그립갑은 어떤게 나은지 알려 주세요~~!


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