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FIFINE 4-channel Line Mixer N5: Demo/ Review

Grab one here:

Thanks for Watching!

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3jackdaw : Hi, could i use to for my audio interface? I would just like to adjust the treble and bass of my microphone. thanks!
Don Basta : Recently purchased one to use as amp to our church audio system while sending HDMI output to 2 projectors. It replaced an older 6 channel mixer. Works great and simple to use.
Ross Goodfellow : Personally, I think the one thing you listed as a complaint (having to pull the 1/4" jack out to achieve a centered mono signal) is probably the one reason I'm going to buy this!
-If I understand correctly, each input and output is a stereo (1/4" TRS) jack? So it sums and outputs stereo signals? This might just be a synth-player's dream come true!
Thank you for posting this :)
David Brown : Thank you! Perfect solution for my multi-synth setup. Can you comment more on the noise levels? Does the qualify deteriorate when going trough this unit?
Επαμεινώνδας Γουσόπουλος : Hi! Very nice review, I have a question that I couldn't answer elsewhere, forgive me if its too "noobish". Can I use this as an audio interface? Mainly to record vocals from 4 people simultaneously and then route it into my laptop to edit in Logic. Or do I need to send the output to a dedicated audio interface first?

Invision Dual Monitor Arm Desk Mount MX400, Review, Unboxing, Tutorial, Setup

Invision Dual Monitor Arm Desk Mount MX400
for 19 to 32 Inch Screens - VESA 75 \u0026 100mm Stand Desk Clamp - Tool-Free Height Adjustment with Tilt Swivel Rotate - Increased Load Capacity from 2-9kg (MX400)
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UK Global

00:00 Intro
01:25 The packaging
02:15 Unboxing
04:00 Basic tutorial
07:35 The install
11:52 Mounting the monitors to the Dual Monitor Arm
13:15 Cable management
15:55 Finished the install
16:00 The different features between the MX400 and the MX300
18:07 Demonstration of turning one of the monitors sideways
18:42 The verdict
19:33 The end credits

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MR D : Just ordered the MX400 for two LG27" monitors. Thanks for the review!
Charles Cai : Thanks for the detailed intro. Just wondering if the arms can be moved up and down for a vertical set up for my two 27" monitors?

That would be awesome for me due to the limitation of my room and a desktop with big 42 inch in the middle, and 2x27" on the right, and 2x15" on the left - I'm not too worried about 2x15", but not sure if MX400 can support vertical 2x27"...
Shay Hearn : Is there any way to adjust the height because it’s a little too high for me so I’d like to lower it a little bit

Box Opening: Behringer MX400 Mixer

Santa Brian was good to me today. Check these out.
Lello Caso : It is possible to connect several microphones at the same time and connect the output on a single mixer channel, then simultaneously hear more microphones on a single mixer channel
Michael Caoile : Nice review sir!!! I have a question. Do you think I can use this and hook it up into a regular speaker without amplifier? Do you know if this small mixer can amplify the outputs of the mics through regular speaker, no amps? Thank you!
Nicolas Desautels : I love unboxing so much. Sometimes on a Saturday I put some stuff in a box, tape the box shut, and then unbox it. It's so enjoyable. A very affordable activity especially during Covid quarantine. It also makes for a fun but cheap date, if you want to show your girl a good time.
Edward Bannor : Thanks for the video, how do you run output into a big mixer?
Robinho-Guitar-Covers : Nice video. I have a question: i have a Fender Frontman 25R guitar amp, the sound is great but it goes way too loud, even if the volume is on 1. Would it be possible to connect my electric guitar to this device and connect this device to my Fender Frontman amp, and get the volume of my amp lower?




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