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(018) Sterling LGH 100 integrated lock

This Sterling LGH 100 (76mm) integrated lock and hasp is similar to the Master Lock version I reviewed in video (016). Again this wafer lock is low security and proves to be easily raked open.

Master Lock video (016)

Don'z Lockz VK1DON : I don't expect much more from a wafer lock. Too easy. ✌
Keymaster : God job! I like the ball/ half ball picks for wafer locks.
Bearsback : Very nice job my friend.
lockmania : Nice picking on this shiny lock my friend
Shua L : nice work bud

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay RVX Ventilators

-KJ Legendz- : Mitsubishi needs to grow more, you guys are so underrated, you guys make great cars, products,engines etc. that's why I love you guys
Jerome & Grace : If bringing "Outside air", Would not moisture be higher inside home ?
Giosafat Di trapani : Perfetto
Avtar Saini Chandigarh : Please code list' video
Avtar Saini Chandigarh : Problem code list'

EXTREMELY DIFFICULT Try Not To Laugh CLEAN (Reupload of Part 7)

So this video was blocked worldwide because of one of the clips in it, but I really liked it (and so did you guys, it had almost 8 million views) so I'm reuploading it here. I probably won't reupload the 3rd one, but who knows?

None of the clips in these videos are mine, I just put them all together in one video. I don't monetize them, just want to make people laugh :D

Some amazing creators I use a lot of clips from:
kmlkmljkl - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdU1...
Nihonium - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWBy...
Dolan Dark - https://www.youtube.com/user/BlackIce...
EpicDonutDude - https://www.youtube.com/user/BATTLEFI...

Outro music from bensound.com
snakeee : this was the amount of ducks that came out of that building
Elmar Van Bastelaere : "You can laugh once"
Me, an intellectual: If I don't stop laughing, I'm only laughing once.
Doge King YT Gaming : The bouncing seals get me every time along with the cat running around.
Snowmoe25 : The spinning hamster one gets me every time.
Annabella Silverhair : I lost it from the cuteness of the hamsters at 9:00 when they started spinning around haha they are so cuuuuuuuute




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