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Slimming된 패널에 정전기 발생으로 디스플레이가 오작동 할 수 있어 패널 위에 투명전도막(ITO) 진공증착을 통해 정전기 제거 기술을 패널에 적용하고 있습니다.
Since the display may malfunction by the static on the slimmed panel, the static elimination technology is applied through the vacuum deposition of transparent conductive film (ITO) on the panel.
- スリミングされたパネルに静電気が発生してディスプレイが誤作動することがあるためパネルの上に透明導電膜(ITO)の真空蒸着を行なって静電気を除去する技術をパネルに適用しています.

ITO Coating on Plastic

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Coatings are able to be deposited on lightweight materials for heavyweight performance. The right coating partner can assist you in finding the right process for your application. Clear conductive coatings are used in a variety of technologies and industries. To learn more about ITO and other conductive coating options, connect with the experts at NACL today!

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