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Listening Basic Unit 4: Time - Tactics for listening. Learning English

Listening Basic Unit 4: Time - Tactics for listening. Learning English
Toeic Master : Link Tài liệu trong bài nghe: ​https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e3qX54OcNHg-XKM5W5pdPXjYkJQ_UAsn/view?usp=sharing
Link phần test: ​https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sp68tS8u0EhfoZFssH7i9jUqHV5fVqpA/view?usp=sharing
Link scripts: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18jwqHG4T0BNd2bKbzYTxSzqTdATgvLyw/view?usp=sharing
Link đáp án Unit 4: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=109284520702202&id=109241544039833&__tn__=-R
Chiyyie : Cho mình xin phần answer keys được ko ad
Holder Gaines : I love it ❤
Mỹ Anh Lăng : Đáp án phần Test :
Bài 1:
1. 12:00
2. 5:30
3. 3:45
4. 10:02
5. 8:50
Bài 2:
Thah Trúc : ❤️❤️❤️

Basic Listening English Lessons - Improve Your English Listening Skills

Let’s practice listening to naturally-spoken English!
(Learning Method)
1. The voice is played back twice with a standard speed
2. Subtitles are displayed on screen with a slow voice

Do you want to become able to speak English fluently? If so, try reading aloud along with the video and audio! If you repeatedly practice, the phrases and vocabulary you have remembered will begin coming out of your mouth naturally.

Sentences Provided by Tatoeba Project https://tatoeba.org/eng

| English Listening \u0026 Speaking Practice
| English listening skills practice
| 1500 English Conversation Practice
| 1000 English Conversation Practice
| 1100 Basic English Phrases for Conversation
| Slow and Easy English Conversation Practice
| 1000 Practical English Phrases
| 1000 Useful Expressions in English
| Learn English Questions \u0026 Answers for Beginners
Уржамал Сыздыкова : It is the best lesson for listening practice! Thanks for your wonderful job!
rosa palasciano : Thank you for this lesson! It would be great to have another one like this with a female voice :)))
Rafaela Zanatta Eller : Muito bom.
Doom Ripley : ai sim precisamos de muito conteudo de ingles !!!
Ariful Islam : Wow, It's a great lesson for those who are as poor as me at listening. Thanks

Basic IELTS Listening Unit 2 Numbers

Source : https://huyhuu.com/
Nguyễn Viết Duy :
Kupgila vedio : Where i can find cd of this book please help me
Văn Phan Thị Cẩm : Part2 19:29
Part3 25:08
Tien Vu : Answer 1:08:42
Shahbaz Alam : Sir daily life use hone unit video update kar dai




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