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ORi Folding Bikes Thailand

이광민 : 오리바이크 자전거여!!!
다시 국내에"
R14 Design : That's cool man
Arif Maulana : ORI thailand beli dimana?

Ori C8 Classic

ORI Bike C8 Classic full review http://ecycles.blogspot.com.es/2012/09/ori-c8-classic.html#!/2012/09/ori-c8-classic.html vs brompton vs
angeljota : Si, ya lo he visto, gracias.
Llevo tiempo mirando para comprar una bici plegable y ciertamente esta se ve genial y el tema de que no rompa el cuadro para plegar me convence.
Buen trabajo.
Folding & e Bike Channel : Una opción fantástica con una fabricación excelente, de lo mejor que he visto. En la caja de comentarios tienes el link al review completo, por si quieres conocer todos los detalles
Folding & e Bike Channel : Eso es Angel, es una como Birdy donde la parte principal del cuadro es un bloque compacto, pero Birdy no trabaja este tamaño de rueda y además es más cara por llevar suspensión delantera. De Brompton comparte el sistema semi plegado, lo que llamamos aparcar, que es lo que más se usa incluso para ir en el metro o entrar en sitos, este modelo classic lo bueno es que tiene todo lo necesario, una Brompton con rack, ruedas de arrastre, sillin y puños en cuero es un 60% más cara. Un saludo
angeljota : Me Encanta esta bici ¡¡¡¡¡
Häschen Buddeldorf : was the preis for the radl?

Can A Folding Bike Climb? Superbike Vs Brompton Challenge!

Brompton bicycles are synonymous with the city: folding bikes that can be taken on the train and which help to get you around on flat terrain. So what happens when you take a Brompton out of its comfort zone? Can a folding bike climb? We brought along multiple British Hill Climb champion Andrew Feather for a race. It's pro on a Brompton versus Ollie on a superbike!

Check out our route https://www.komoot.com/tour/560518900

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N. Heroe P : I always love watching Ollie attempt to measure himself against a pro bike climber Andrew. Because he is the most mortal compared to the rest of ex-pro rider GCN presenters. I think the majority of us can relate to him. His pain is our pain. And his defeat is our defeat. He's like the people's rider. Nice video Ollie.
Mr Smith : Seems gearing is the issue. Not that Bromptons would want higher gears for commuting, but Andrew could have pulled out more if he'd been able to shift up on the flat. Great race and great fun.
Christian Schneider : Feather is such a machine. Although he had the advantage of matching shoes. Can we please get a video of Connor on the Brompton?
VeloPinephrine : Hitting that like button because Ollie's dignity has been dragged through mud yet again. Hats off to Mr. Feather! But equally, Ollie's emotional strength
Chris Dunn : It's always a great video when the feather is involved, he is such a cool and relaxed dude


#ori bike


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